Established in 1959, Lacrima is one of the oldest and most experienced dairy producers in Bulgaria. Lacrima’s plant is situated in the town of Pazardzik, South Bulgaria, in the vicinity of the Rhodope mountains - a region famous for its fertile lands, green pastures, cattle breeding and cheese production.

Our cheese is entirely hand-made by very experienced cheese masters, following a traditional Bulgarian recipe, which uses the highest quality Bulgarian milk and carefully selected ferments. Since the company was founded, we have invested resources and expertise in the local cattle farms to ensure purity, quality, consistency and rich nutritional values of the cows’ milk we buy.

To achieve the highest possible quality, Lacrima tests every batch of milk and ferment it buys, while throughout the production process the product undergoes more than 30 tests for quality. Lacrima has International Food Standard (IFS) accreditation – the highest international production standard for quality and hygiene.

Our products are also Halal certified.