Do you know that the expiry date of the natural cream cheese without preservatives is only 20 days from the date of production. Such an expiry date is insufficient to sell the product in the retail chains. To prolong the expiry date, other manufacturers resort to using chemistry and artifical preservatives for the production of cream cheese.

We present to you the authentic Bulgarian cream cheese Lacrima – the only natural cream cheese in Bulgaria. Due to the short expiry date, you may find Lacrima cream cheese only in the corporate Lacrima dairy stores.

You will recognize Lacrima cream cheese by the taste and the visibly discernible grainy structure, which differs from the homogenous structure of the cream cheese made with non-natural, chemical incredients.
Cream Cheese Lacrima

Cream Cheese Lacrima – the only natural cream cheese in Bulgaria. Expiry date: 20 days from production. Package size: 125g.