Do you know that the differences in the taste of the Bulgarian yogurts are due to a difference in the proportions of the two beneficial bacteria in the yogurt ferment? Lactobacillicus Bulgaricus determines the sour taste, while Streptococus Thermophilus contributes to the sweet taste.

We present to you the authentic Bulgarian yogurt Lacrima. Its carefully selected, natural, Bulgarian ferment Lacto Balance™ finds the perfect balance between the two beneficial bacteria for an irresistible milky-sour taste.
Bulgarian yogurt

Bulgarian yogurt from cow milk with Lacto Ballance™ ferment as per the Bulgarian National Standard (BNS), 400g

Yogurt from cow milk

Yogurt from cow milk with Lacto Ballance™ ferment for an irresistible milky-sour taste, 400g


Standart 100